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You want to get your hairdressing skills dialled in quickly without all of the hassles of TAFE or Apprenticeships and you don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on it, right?

That’s what we do! We can get you skilled in hair dressing and serving clients (Making Money) in as little as 3 months and at a fraction of the price of traditional hairdressing schools.

Our skills courses are the first of their kind, completely delivered online with all products and equipment provided and guidance from our qualified and accredited instructors. We get you skilled and earning a living in the fastest possible time, whether you are looking to get a job in a salon – or even starting your own salon, work from home or anything in between.  

We cover everything you need to be a well rounded hairdresser including: Styling, Cutting, Colour and more. Our Brochure has a complete breakdown of the course.

Not sure you can learn hair online? Well, we’re sure you can – but to give you the chance to try it out risk free, we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Don’t like it? just cancel for a refund. No Questions Asked. No Hard Feelings.

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You no doubt have a million questions and will be wondering if this course can work for you.

Our Student Enrolment Advisers are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Book a 15 minute Course Consultation – you will get the answers you need quickly and there’s no obligations.

Find out what’s in the course, course pricing and payment plan information, career opportunities and more. Just enter your details in the form here and choose a time at the next step.

Full Course Breakdown

Once you have completed this course you will have all of the skills needed to perform professional hairdressing services including: Styling, Cutting, Tints and Colouring, Braiding and more. Please see the course breakdown here.

This module will introduce you to the course and explain exactly what you will be learning. The Course Overview will explain how to work through the course using our unique app and feedback system.

OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) knowledge is critical for you to keep yourself, your staff and your clients safe from injury and ill health. Our Sanitation and Hygiene section will teach you exactly how to keep your salon hygienically clean and sanitised to prevent the spread of disease or infection from person to person. 

So you can confidently advise your client what would be best for their hair, it is important to understand the hair’s growth cycle and its structure as part of the basics of hairdressing. This module covers everything about the science of hair, shape and texture, types and growth cycle.

Contra indications are conditions that restrict or prevent you from providing a service. Knowing the contra indications for hairdressing will ensure you are correctly advising your clients on any service they may or may not be able to have done.

Another major aspect in hairdressing is to always keep records of your clients. In-depth records should be kept of every single treatment done in your salon to protect you from potential legal action should something go wrong.

This section covers basic products and equipment, how to organise your work area and gives advice and suggestions on how to set up an inviting and safe salon environment.

Module 7 is probably one of the most exciting parts of the course. You’ll be introduced to the different hair styles, understand hair texture and know the tools and products for hair styling. This module also teaches you how to style hair with different techniques to emphasise a hair colour or cut with the proper style.

This video will show you how to properly and safely set up your tripod and mannequin head to prevent it tipping during your practice.

This is your first practical module . This module will teach you all of the different styling techniques using a hair dryer, hot rollers, straightener and curling want. You will learn blow dries, hair ups, braiding and more working on your mannequin head.

Basin services will teach you how to properly drape your client to protect the clothes from water and hair, how to shampoo and condition the hair and how to give a professional neck and scalp massage that will keep your clients coming back for more.

This module will introduce to working on human models, applying all of the styling techniques you would already have submitted for assessment on your mannequin head. For this module we suggest you ask friends and family to be your models.

This module introduces the change you can make to a clients overall look with a professional hair cut, taking into consideration different face shapes and hair types. It will cover products needed for cutting and an important video on how to properly hold and use the scissors.

As with styling you will start your cutting exercises on a mannequin head. You will learn every technique of cutting from long blunt cuts to various bob, concave, convex and layering techniques.

This module will again have you working on your human models, performing all the professional cutting techniques you have learnt and  practiced on your mannequin head.

Once you have mastered styling and cutting you are ready to move on to the wonderful world of colour. We will first teach you the science behind colour, how to read your colour wheel, what solutions to use for different hair and how to properly mix your colours.

As colour can be a little daunting when you start we will again have you working on your mannequin head to perfect your technique before moving on to your models. Your mannequin exercises cover, tint, foils and tint and foils together to get you ready for anything your models may want to have done.

Now you are ready to colour your models. You will be able to offer them semi or permanent tints, half or full head of foils, foils and tint together or just about anything else they ask for. After you finish this module you will be able to offer any full hair service asked of you. Colour, cut and style all together or as individual services.

Career Opportunities:

You may already know what you’re going to do once you have gained your new Hairdressing Skills or you may be considering your options. Either way, here are a few ideas to get thinking about your new future.

All you need are the skills we provide in this course to do any of the following and more!

Work from Home

More and more people are now looking for the flexibility and freedom of working from home. Setting up and running your own home salon can be the perfect way to earn a great income while working your own hours.

Salon Work

The hair industry is always busy and like a lot of industries at the moment, Hair Salons just can’t get enough good staff who can deliver great services. With the right skills, you can fill the void and earn a great living doing what you love.

Start a Salon

If you’re up for an adventure, then starting your own stand alone Hair Salon may be for you. There are more upfront costs and commitments, but the rewards can be enormous. Your first step is gaining the right skills!

Rent a Chair

A popular option that gives you the presence of a salon, without the setup cost. Many salons have spare space and will rent out that space and chair to skilled hairdressers to do their thing! You can be up and going in no time.

** There are some educational requirements to work as a Hairdresser in NSW and SA. Please download the brochure for more info or see the Qualifications Page.

The Best Course Product Kits In The Industry

Get everything you need to learn advanced hairdressing skills and enough product to continue working once you have completed your course. There are 2 kits and they are required at different stages of the course.

The Styling & Cutting Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 5 piece ionic comb set
  • 1 x Krest Teal Basin comb
  • 1 x WB Epic Teasing Brush
  • 1 x Silver Bullet Paddle Brush
  • 1 x Silver Bullet Cusion Brush
  • 1 x Tamara Rose Vent Brush
  • 1 x Tamara Rose 5 pc thermal brush set
  • 1 x Iceman 5.5″ cutting scissors
  • 6 x Sectioning clips
  • 1 x Client Cape
  • 1 x Fringe pins
  • 1 x Bobby Pins
  • 1 x Spray bottle
  • 1 x Silver Bullet Hair Dryer
  • 1 x Straightener
  • 1 x Tripod
  • 6 x Towels
  • 1 x Mannequin Head
  • 1 x Argon oil
  • 1 x De chlorinate my hair 200ml
  • 1 x Untangle me 250ml
  • 1 x SO Magic heat protect style 200ml
  • 1 x Hold me tight 400g
  • 1 x The Controller pomade 90g
  • 1 x Boost my volume Powder 10g
  • 1 x Hold me Gently 250ml
  • 1 x Trio pack Shampoo 300ml, Conditioner 300ml, Treatment 200ml

The Colouring Kit Includes:

  • 34 x RPR Colour tubes – Range of Colours
  • 1 x RPR Lightening Cream
  • 1 x RPR Bleach Powder
  • 6 x RPR Peroxide
  • – No Lift, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%
  • 2 x Tint Bowls
  • 4 x Tint Brushes
  • 1 Box Foil
  • 1 x Technician Apron
  • 1 x Hairdressing Scales
  • 1 x 100% Human Hair Mannequin Head

*** We have a range of payment options with different kit inclusions. Please talk to your Student Enrolment Adviser to discuss your particular requirements and package inclusions. 


Here’s what some of our students have to say about our courses:

Sheena Delaney

Did my beauty course through Beleco and I cannot recommend them enough!

Trainers were amazing, very meticulous and encouraging with their feedback. You need this course if you are wanting a career in the beauty industry!

Angela Veljanovski

Want to congratulate Karen and all at beautycourseonline on this awesome course. Very well organized and so easy to follow. I would highly recommend to anyone starting in the beauty industry.

As I have my own salon, wanted to give my clients every service possible and making it a one stop shop. Have bookings well into the new year😁.
Thanks to Karen and this course I can now follow my dream!

Le’Teasha Portelli

I did my online training through this company and am so glad I choose them! The course is very detailed in theory and Videos making learning a breeze!

Karen has fantastic response times to any questions I had. If you’re looking to do a course I recommend this company!

Trish Kay

I enjoyed the course and Karen was brilliant with the way she encourages you and explains how to fix anything that she sees.

I’m going to use my skills as therapy, for someone that suffers with anxiety this has helped me alot. Just having 1 or 2 clients a day helps me heaps with focus and control, 1 with the product application and the other controlling my breathing for the anxiety.